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Topics: Features and Benefits

Ages supported

Oct, 10 5
Children of all ages use AngelSense. Children under the age of 4 are typically too small to wear the AngelSense device and it is typically used by being attached to a backpack, diaper bag, or car seat. We do have a Belt option that some customers use with younger children. *Note: Additiona...

AngelSense Brochures to Download

Oct, 10 3
AngelSense brochures are available for you to download, print, and share.We offer the following brochures. Links to the files are at the bottom of this page.AngelSense Tri-Fold Brochure AngelSense Brochure Dementia & Alzheimer's AngelSense General Flyer English Angel...

Benefits for a child that is physically disabled

Oct, 10 6
With AngelSense you will be able to:See your child's routes & locations at a glance, all dayKnow when your child is not where they’re supposed to be Listen-In to check on your child's well-being Call for a 2-way conversation with AngelCallETA show...

Benefits for a high-functioning child

Oct, 10 4
The AngelSense solution can assist parents of high-functioning children by allowing them a higher level of independence.​Parents feel comfortable allowing their child to go to nearby places on their own because they have the ability to “accompany” their child remotely. With AngelS...

Benefits for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients

Oct, 10 6
AngelSense was originally designed for children with special needs but most of its features are applicable for adults with Alzheimer's and dementia as well.We have many subscribers who use AngelSense for adults with Alzheimer's and dementia and they have found the service very effective to h...

Benefits for typical children

Oct, 10 6
AngelSense was originally designed for children with special needs, but most of its features are relevant to typical children as well.We have many typical children who are kept safe using AngelSense.With AngelSense you’ll be able to:See your child's routes & locations at a glance, all ...

Canada and other countries

Oct, 10 2
We currently offer service in the USA, Canada and UK.For USA: We currently offer two device options, GPS 1 and GPS 2. For more information see Comparison of the AngelSense devices.For Canada: See details here.For UK: See details here.For other international inquiries: please send us your d...

Company location

Oct, 10 8
All of us in the Customer Care team are parents to children with special needs who use the product and are located across the US (NY, CA, TX and a few other states).We have a logistic center and warehouse in NJ. We are an international company with customers and a presence in Canada and th...

Do I get the Smartphone showing the app on your web site?

Oct, 10 3
You need to use your own Smartphone to access the AngelSense application.Here is a Comparison of the AngelSense devicesHere is an overview of what is included in the Subscriber Kit*Please note that the service you use for your personal phone does not need to be the same as the device you choose.&nbs...

How does it work?

Oct, 10 4
The AngelSense Wandering and Safety Solution includes a non-removable GPS device for the child and an app for the parent.The kit includes sensory friendly wearing accessories.The app is available for Android and iOS  and can also be run from any modern internet browser.Related Ar...

How is AngelSense different from GPS trackers?

Oct, 10 4
AngelSense is the only wandering and safety solution designed for children with special needs.It is the only solution proven to save lives of children with special needs. AngelSense is totally different from GPS trackers.There are hundreds of GPS trackers, all with similar functionality.&n...

How many subscribers do you have?

Oct, 10 5
We have thousands of subscribers and are growing quickly.

IAF Can I invite friends outside the United States?

Oct, 10 2
The referred customer must be located in the United States or in Canada. 

IAF Do I get the free month on top of other promotions?

Oct, 10 3
Yes, the free month is on top of any promotions available on the website. 

IAF How do I get my reward?

Oct, 10 15
You will receive a refund to 1 monthly payment for AngelSense. 

IAF How many friends can I invite?

Oct, 10 3
There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite and the number of free months you can earn. 

IAF What are the Invite a Friend Program’s Terms and Conditions?

Oct, 10 6
Invite a Friend Program - Terms & Conditions The person making the referral is called the "Referrer"AngelSense “Referral” is defined as the first purchase made by a person who has not previously purchased from AngelSense and who arrives at the site via a referral invit...

IAF What is my reward for inviting a friend?

Oct, 10 2
1 free month of service

IAF What is the referral period (time from referral to purchase), in which I am entitled to the reward?

Oct, 10 2
The referral period is 12 months.

IAF When do I get the reward?

Oct, 10 12
Within 60 days from the day the referred customer has ordered the AngelSense offering.