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Topics: Purchasing and Shipping

$50 Coupon – Autism Awareness Month Sweepstakes

Oct, 10 7
During Autism Awareness Month 2017; AngelSense is giving away 3 devices + 1 year of Free service during a live draw on our Facebook Page. Everyone who entered the sweepstakes will receive a coupon for $50 off towards the total price of AngelSense. Below are the terms & conditions. In order ...

30-day risk free trial terms

Oct, 10 7
The 30-day risk-free trial guarantees:A full refund of upfront costs  (first-month subscription + Guardian Kit payment) if you cancel within first 30 days upon receiving the device.The full kit must be returned at your expense in its original condition before the refund is processedNote: Additi...

Agency and Medicaid Purchases

Oct, 10 33
Guidance on purchasing AngelSense through an agency, medical insurance, organization, non-profit, state, caseworker, law enforcement, assisted living facilities, schools and any other funding sources.  How to get AngelSense approved as a vendor for your agency:If you require AngelSens...

AngelSense 4th of July 2017 Sweepstakes

Oct, 10 8
 The 4th of July Winner was announced live on the AngelSense Facebook page on July 4, 2017 and received a free AngelSense GPS device with Guardian Kit, as well as one full year of free AngelSense service!Everyone who entered the sweepstakes received a coupon for $50 off AngelSense. URL: ht...

AngelSense Brochures to Download

Oct, 10 3
AngelSense brochures are available for you to download, print, and share.We offer the following brochures. Links to the files are at the bottom of this page.AngelSense Tri-Fold Brochure AngelSense Brochure Dementia & Alzheimer's AngelSense General Flyer English Angel...

Applicable Taxes

Oct, 10 3
Sales Tax charges on the service payment amounts in accordance to your state’s tax regulations. The tax amount ranges from 0% - 9% and varies by state and city. Please keep in mind that this amount may slightly change from time to time in compliance with your state’s tax laws.

Belt price

Oct, 10 5
The AngelSense belt is an optional accessory that has been designed for wearing under clothing. It costs $19.99, plus shipping and tax. If you order a belt or any other additional accessories during your initial setup, you can save on shipping and everything will be included in your initial shi...

Buying additional accessories

Oct, 10 3
Accessories, replacement devices, as well as voice minutes can be purchased in the AngelSense Store by Primary Guardians, which is available from the app's main Menu: Login to the appGo to the app's main Menu on the left hand side, under "My Account" and "AngelSense ...

Buying additional magnetic keys

Oct, 10 8
There is one key included in the Subscriber Kit. Each additional key is $19.99 + shipping and tax.You can order extra magnetic keys from the AngelSense Store tab in your app, under My Account.(There is no shipping charge if it is shipped with the Subscriber Kit.) Note: Accessories are nonr...

Buying AngelCall/Listen-In minutes

Oct, 10 2
The AngelSense monthly service subscription includes 60 free minutes for Listen-In and AngelCall combined for a calendar month (1st day of the month to last day of the month). Any unused free minutes do not rollover to the next calendar month.  Primary Guardians can see the minut...

Can I use my existing device when I reactivate my account?

Oct, 10 5
Some time after an account is cancelled the cellular line is cancelled and it is no longer possible to reactivate the device. The exact timeline depends on different factors and it varies between 1 month and 6 months. AngelSense is happy to test your device and reactivate it if possible. A fee ...

Can the device be used as a regular phone?

Oct, 10 2
No. To assure continuous monitoring, the device is fully controlled and managed by AngelSense and cannot be used as a regular phone.The  AngelCall feature allows you to place a two way call to the device with no need to push any buttons.  

Canada and other countries

Oct, 10 2
We currently offer service in the USA, Canada and UK.For USA: We currently offer two device options, GPS 1 and GPS 2. For more information see Comparison of the AngelSense devices.For Canada: See details here.For UK: See details here.For other international inquiries: please send us your d...

Cancelling the service

Oct, 10 5
You can cancel your purchase at any time during the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund for both the subscriber kit and the monthly service. This gives you plenty of time to try out the AngelSense solution and see if it meets your needs. After the 30-day risk-free trial, the service fee...

Fun & Function Gift Card

Oct, 10 10
We have a NEW Promotion Offering:Device $59.99Monthly service $39.99+ A gift card worth $20 for on every purchase. Upon purchasing, you will get an email with a unique code to Fun & Function's website!  The Fun & Function gift code can be put to...


Oct, 10 11
There are several options that you may want to pursue to obtain funding to cover the cost of AngelSense. Some of our families have had success with the following: Funding OptionsTax deduction (USA): The AngelSense service expense is tax deductible in certain states.Ask us about Known Funding by...

How to Transfer Account

Oct, 10 5
AngelSense has the option to transfer your current AngelSense device and service agreement to another user! If you are still within your contract and no longer need AngelSense, you can transfer your existing contract to another family that is in need of it. Contact us at support@...

Insurance Codes and Medicaid Waiver Codes

Oct, 10 18
Inquire with your insurance company about whether they cover some or all of the cost. Prepare the following information when submitting a request to insurance companies:PRESCRIPTION:You can also speak to your family doctor about getting a diagnosis for wandering. We have a *letter you...

Listen-In and AngelCall minutes

Oct, 10 3
Listen-In is a safety feature that helps you locate your lost child, especially when indoors and there is no GPS reception. It can help provide guidance to caregivers and it can be used to monitor your child's care. AngelCall allows you to talk to your child without them having to "pic...

Multiple subscriptions

Oct, 10 2
We offer a significantly discounted price for families that require more than one AngelSense subscription. The reduced price with the Monthly Plan is $29.99/mo* plus $99* for the cost of the second Guardian Kit (device and wearing accessories).The reduced price with the Annual Plan is $299...