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$50 Coupon – Autism Awareness Month Sweepstakes

During Autism Awareness Month 2017; AngelSense is giving away 3 devices + 1 year of Free service during a live draw on our Facebook Page. Everyone who entered the sweepstakes will receive a coupon for $50 off towards the total price of AngelSense. Below are the terms & conditions.
In order to use this coupon, the recipient must purchase AngelSense by clicking on the link received. Below is a sample of what the coupon will look like:
Terms & Conditions:


  • The $50 Coupon is a $50 discount of total price offered at the time of purchase from the AngelSense website.
  • There is no limit to the number of coupons offers you can share with your friends.
  • The coupon is available via this url only:
  • With the $50 coupon the total upfront payment will be $88.99 (note that the current promotion on our site is an upfront payment of $118.99  – this coupon provides an additional $30 discount)
  • The $50 coupon applies to the 'Yearly Service Plan' only (12-month service commitment)
  • The $50 coupon is valid for purchases made from April 19, 2017 until April 30, 2017.
  • The $50 coupon is not available for existing customers (the coupon can only be applied for new AngelSense customers).
  • The $50 coupon can not be combined with any other offering available on the website.
  • The $50 coupon cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash.
  • The $50 coupon is valid only for the first purchase made by a person who has not previously purchased from AngelSense and who arrives at the site via the dedicated coupon url.
  • “The Customer”. The Customer must be located in the United States or in Canada. Moreover, the Customer a cannot be the same person (for example, by using a different email address).The Customer cannot refer himself/herself or someone from his/her household.
  • Eligibility – Eligibility is limited to individuals only. AngelSense 2017 Sweepstakes $50 Coupons cannot be used by businesses for affiliate lead generation. AngelSense team members, contractors, sales representatives acting on AngelSense’s behalf and associates at retail locations who receive special pricing are excluded from this Program.
  • AngelSense assumes no responsibility for lost, delayed, damaged or misdirected referrals or communications or for any failure of the website, for any problems or technical malfunction of any computer online systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any e-mail or referral to be received by AngelSense on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any website, or any combination thereof including any injury or damage to a the Customer’s, (or any other person’s) computer related to or resulting from this program. AngelSense reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, cancel or suspend this program should a virus, bug or other cause beyond the reasonable control of AngelSense, corrupt the security or proper administration of the program or for any other reason. The $50 Coupons are subject to verification and will be declared invalid if they are illegible, unintelligible, falsified, altered or tampered with or unlawful in any way. The $50 Coupon submitted by unauthorised means will be disqualified. In the event that it has been determined that a Coupon has been made in a manner not sanctioned by these terms, it is considered invalid. This program is subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
  • AngelSense reserves the right to close the account(s) of any Referrer and/or Referred Customer and to cancel any coupons earned, if the customer is found to have set up multiple accounts for the purpose of "double couponing" or any other behavior that is considered a questionable manner or breaches any of these Terms & Conditions or is in violation of any law, statute or governmental regulation.
  • AngelSense reserves the right to cancel the $50 Coupon or to change these terms and conditions, at any time and in its sole discretion.


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