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Alarm (GPS 1)

Note: GPS 2 (Verizon) guidance is available here 

The alarm feature is designed to help you locate your child when nearby in a crowd, indoors, or hiding.

  1. Go to the Menu on the upper right hand side and then click on Alarm.                        
  2. The telephone dialer will appear, displaying the device’s phone number. Start a call to the device, which will make it ring out loud. 


NOTE: In order to see this feature in your app you will need to have app version 1.2.0 and your device would need to have software version G3.EY.056 or G3.EY.057 or G3.EY.059.  You can verify your app version and software version from your app’s Menu in the “About” section.  See: Remote App and Device Software Update



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