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*BETA* AngelCall and AngelCall Request Settings (GPS 1)

Note: GPS 2 guidance is available here 

AngelCall includes a rich set of options to control the experience when you call, to adjust to different children and sensitivity levels. We suggest speaking loudly, clearly, and slowly, as the device is typically secured inside of clothing.

AngelCall Request is a setting allowing your child to press the buttons on the device to request a call from you. *AngelCall Request is currently in Beta Testing on the GPS 1!*

This can be accessed from your app's Menu on the left hand side by clicking on Settings and AngelCall.


AngelCall Settings

Ring Duration: In this section, you can set how long you want the device to ring for AngelCall before it automatically answers.



AngelCall Request Settings (BETA Testing)


Allow AngelCall Requests: Check this box to allow your child to request a call from you. When they request a call you will receive a notification to let you know that they have pressed the button.


In order to avoid accidental or frequent call requests, there are several settings that you can configure.

Prevent Accidental Requests

  • Clicks required for successful request: You can put how many times your child will need to press the button in order for a call request notification to be sent to you.

  • Within time frame of: You can put how many times your child will need to press the button within a specific time frame for a call request to go through.

In the example below, your child would need to press the button 2 times within 15 seconds in order for a call request notification to be sent to you.


Prevent Frequent Requests: In order to prevent frequent requests for a call, you can set the minimum time between call requests.

In the example below, upon successfully requesting a call, any other button presses would be ignored for the next 2 minutes.


Successful Call Request Feedback: You can configure how the device will respond to a successful call request in order for your child to know that they have successfully requested a call from you.

In the example below, once your child has successfully requested a call from you the device would both beep and vibrate.



NOTE: We are gradually updating the devices. In order to see these features in your app you will need to have the feature activated by us, you would need to use app version 1.2.0, and your device would need to have software version G3.EY.056 or G3.EY.057 or G3.EY.059.  You can verify your app version and software version from your app’s Menu in the “About” section. 

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