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Do you offer a smaller device?

Since AngelSense is device agnostic, our analytics and application can work with different devices. We keep monitoring the market for new products, but so far have failed to find another device that meets our requirements.

We have evaluated quite a few watches. They all proved to have short battery life and due to their small dimensions they all suffer from inherent limitation of GPS technology in dense circuitry, which result in poor monitoring reliability and many false alerts (oftentimes there was no GPS reception even on school buses). 

Also, many children with special needs have sensory issues and obsessive behavior. As a result,  a watch that is always visible and noticeable will distract the child from educational and therapeutic activities.

We have evaluated about 90 devices and have selected as our first device one that supports our objective to provide the following key capabilities:

  • Sufficient battery life to support
    • Continuous 30-second monitoring for a full day covering all locations and transits
    • Frequent 10-second GPS updates for our special Runner mode (to find a missing child). This is especially critical with special needs children when every second counts.
  • Listen-In capabilities for well-being checks.
  • High quality GPS (SiRF 4 or equivalent, with high sensitivity)
  • Robust and water resistant

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